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Advancing today’s therapies to enable healthier lives

Arecor is a Business Reporter client.

Through the enhancement of existing therapeutic products, Arecor is transforming patient care and bringing innovative medicines to market

With its scientific heritage in Cambridge, Arecor is delivering on its ambition to become a significant UK-based international biopharmaceutical company, using its world-class expertise to deliver transformative medicines to benefit patients and healthcare systems.

Arecor’s vision is to transform patient care. Through its innovative technology platform, Arestat™, it is developing an internal portfolio of superior proprietary products for diabetes and other chronic indications. It has also partnered with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to deliver enhanced formulations of products. These partnerships validate the strength and need of the technology and bring near-term revenue and significant potential from existing and future licensing. This approach enables both Arecor and its partners to develop differentiated patent-protected medicines with a therapeutic profile that can bring significant benefits to patients as well as generate a commercial competitive advantage.

Arecor has proven expertise in reformulating existing medicines to develop superior therapies with enhanced properties that would otherwise be unachievable, ranging from a better shelf-life to greater patient convenience or a superior therapeutic profile. The technology has a broad reach and can be applied across a range of products, notably antibodies, peptides, biologics and vaccines.

Arecor’s proprietary pipeline of enhanced medicines is led by two clinical-stage ultra-rapid acting and concentrated insulin product candidates for the treatment of diabetes. Both have shown best-in-class profiles compared with gold standard insulins available today and are designed to help people with diabetes to better manage their blood glucose, reduce disease burden and improve their quality of life. Their enhanced profiles can enable the next generation of miniaturised insulin pump devices and may also facilitate a fully closed-loop artificial pancreas, a transformational treatment option for people with diabetes.

Diabetes is a major health crisis and has reached pandemic levels, with approximately 537 million people living with diabetes worldwide and more than 50 million requiring insulin daily. In the UK alone, 4.9 million people have diabetes, and this is predicted to reach 5.5 million by 2030. Improving treatment options has never been more critical.

Alongside diabetes, Arecor is also focused on developing a portfolio of potential ready-to-use injectable medicines that can be readily administered within the hospital setting by health care professionals, particularly during the treatment of serious infections, cancer and emergency care. Ready-to-use medicines are becoming increasingly important to enable fast, safe and effective treatment of patients.

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