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Consultus Care and Nursing: 24/7 live-in care in your own home

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Business Reporter: Consultus Care and Nursing: 24/7 live-in care in your own home

Consultus Care and Nursing is the longest established and most experienced provider of 24/7 live-in care and nursing in the UK, and is celebrating its 60th (diamond) anniversary in 2022.

Consultus was founded in 1962 by Mrs Anne Stevens, on the principle that “people are happiest at home” – which intuitively makes sense, and which research confirms is true.

Moreover, older people fall less in their own homes, given their familiarity with their surroundings – and if they do fall they typically injure themselves less, which reduces hospital admissions and re-admissions. They can also keep their pets, retain their memories and entertain their family and friends – and thus maintain their normal way of life for as long as possible.

24/7 live-in care is no more expensive than care homes in the major groups when taking account of the cost of the total “hotel” accommodation added to a typical menu of personal services required for residents in care and nursing homes.

Selling a family home, which would otherwise typically appreciate in value over time, and then depositing the proceeds in a bank with interest rates as low as they are, makes little sense when 24/7 live-in care can be funded from one of the new, flexible lifetime mortgage products from the financial sector where only the funds required in the short and medium term need be drawn down.

Consultus Care and Nursing offers three levels of care service depending on need and local circumstances:

  • Introduced 24/7 live-in care from self-employed carers, subject to local family or trusted third-party oversight, sourced, vetted, and trained by the Consultus ‘Centre of Excellence’ training centre as judged by ‘Skills for Care’, the UK government agency which sets standards and the national curriculum for the training of care staff.
  • Managed and CQC-regulated 24/7 live-in care from our employed carers: sourced, vetted and trained by the ‘Consultus Centre of Excellence’ training centre as judged by ‘Skills for Care’.
  • Managed and CQC regulated 24/7 live-in nursing from our employed RGN nurses, sourced and vetted by our in-house RGN-qualified nurse consultants.

Research by polling company OnePoll concludes that 97 per cent of those surveyed would prefer to stay in their own homes. Other research via the NHS and reflected in the National Hip Fracture Database in a study from 2016 : ‘Age and Ageing’, alongside independent research from the Live in Care Hub shows hip fractures are just over half as likely in peoples’ own homes. In addition the risk of cross infections in your own home is plainly much less than for older people living in buildings of multiple occupation, as we all learned during the Covid pandemic.

Consultus is still owned and run by the same family that started the Company in 1962. It helps more families to keep their older family members in their own homes year on year, thus fulfilling the wishes of Mrs Anne Stevens, who started the whole journey back in 1962.

To find out more about 24/7 live-in care or nursing, click here

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