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My Brazilian butt lift alternative is more natural: TikTok doc

The “Brazilian” isn’t the only butt lift on the scene.

Dr. Alex Earle, plastic surgeon and TikToker with over 74,000 followers, has created a procedure that he claims delivers a more “natural” result than the popular Brazilian butt lift.

Named for Dr. Earle’s Miami-based practice, the so-called South Beach butt lift — a k a SoBeBL — creates the shape of “an upside down heart of sorts,” he told JamPrime, to help create a more prominent hourglass figure.

He credits the signature procedure for making patients appear some 25 years younger thanks to a perkier bottom.

“I made one patient look like she’d gone from 60 to 35, dramatically changing her look,” he said.

The most common complaint he hears from potential SoBeBL patients is of their “straight, rectangular body shape,” or the feeling that their “butts have seen better days” as they aged.

Dr. Alex Earle has created a procedure called the South Beach butt lift — a k a SoBeBL — which he claims gives patients a coveted “upside down heart” shaped booty.
Jam Press/@dralexearle
SoBeBL patient before & after
Unless born blessed, diet and exercise alone won’t achieve this hourglass shape, the doctor insisted.
Jam Press/@dralexearle
SoBeBL patient before & after
Most women with straight body frames “require a fat transfer to add more volume” to the area outside the gluteal muscles, according to Dr. Alex Earle.
Jam Press/@dralexearle

For those who struggle to achieve their dream booty through conventional means — fitness — a SoBeBL could be the ideal last step in their transformation.

“One of my patients was a 29-year-old woman who worked extremely hard at the gym and could not get definition or the shape she desired,” Earle shared. “We helped her get the athletic sculpted look she was always wanting. The best combination is surgery, nutrition, and exercise.”

“While you can tone and build a behind, you’ll never get a Brazilian butt lift look from the gym — no amount of exercise will change your body from straight up-and-down into a more curvaceous shape,” because some area around the gluteal muscles “require fat transfer to add more volume,” he explained.

Ashley Graham
Research shows that the prevalence of the plus-sized models in the media has correlated with a rise in some types of plastic surgery.
Getty Images

Earle says it could “dramatically” change the look of his patients, but doesn’t claim to be a miracle worker. While research shows that more women lately have been inspired to seek the procedure by its curvy celebrity proponents, including Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Cardi B, Earle urges his patients to be realistic about their own body frame.

He also insists that patients arrive at this office in good shape — with a BMI under 30 — and plan to couple surgery with a healthy diet and regular exercise, lest they lose their enviable new build.

Earle also cautions against the SoBeBL for women over the age of 50 as older patients may not “tolerate the surgery very well,” and tend to experience more difficulty during recovery, which typically takes about six weeks.

Dr. Alex Earle and his medical staff
The popular doctor boasts tens of thousands of followers on social media who look to him for advice on trendy cosmetic procedures.
Jam Press/@dralexearle

No surgery is without inherent risks — which is why it’s so important for patients to advocate for themselves and do the research, to decide if the procedure is right for them, and locate a board-certified doctor.

“Research the clinic and doctor to make sure they have lots of experience with the procedure and safety protocols,” Earle suggested.

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