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SSGC increases gas loadshedding for one-month | The Express Tribune


The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) on Friday reported a drop of 30 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) in supplies after a field-developed technical fault — a development which would further increase load-shedding in Sindh and Balochistan over the next one month.

“Naimat Basal Gas Field is currently confronted with a technical problem due to which gas supply to SSGC has been reduced by 30 mmcfd,” the company said in a statement.

Gas field management has started rectifying the issue but “it is likely to take another month to fix the issue in its entirety”, it said, adding that in this scenario, gas supply from Naimat Basal will remain affected.

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In order to counter the depleted supplies from this field, SSGC will implement a gas load management plan by rationalising gas supplies so that the preferred domestic and commercial sectors continue to get sustained gas supplies, it said.

SSGC supplies around 1,100 mmcfd of locally produced gas to households, commercial and industrial consumers in Sindh and Balochistan provinces.

Karachi is already experiencing the worst electricity load-shedding despite improving weather conditions and significantly reducing electric consumption.

As per citizens, electricity is being shut off for two hours after power restoration for only one hour in different areas. The situation in the suburbs is terrible. Load shedding is also happening in areas previously exempted from load-shedding.

Sources say that there has been a reduction in electricity production by 400MW due to a malfunction at the Bin Qasim Power Plant gas turbine.

K-Electric, the lone power distribution company in the port city, avoids generating electricity through furnace oil. For this reason, the worst load-shedding is being done on the pretext of a lack of electricity in the city.

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