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The best wireless gaming headset in 2022

The best wireless gaming headset gives you the freedom to move around your room or office and not have to fuss with cables. A wireless gaming headset keeps everything hands-free and keeps your desk free of clutter. The best ones have good sound quality, great battery life, and are easy to pair with your PC so that once you have it on, you don’t need to think about it again. 

The two features that matter most in wireless gaming are battery life and wireless technology. Ideally, you want something that can go for a few days on a single charge. At a minimum, 30 hours of battery life is a decent enough starting point. But don’t be surprised if you see some premium headsets offering literally hundreds of hours of battery life. I’m glad I’m seeing more headsets featuring Bluetooth connectivity since it frees up a USB slot that would be taken up by a wireless dongle, and you can connect your phone to them.

I know audio and what makes for the best wireless headphones. I’ve thrown high-res audio, outstanding gaming soundscapes, and hours of playtime at these headsets. That way, I get to intimately know their joys and failings.

If you’re a serious audiophile whose primary focus is music instead of gaming, you should check out our picks for the best headphones for gaming (opens in new tab) (they’re not just for gaming). The real bargains will be found in the best gaming headsets guide, but they won’t provide the magical air of freedom the ones below will.

Best wireless gaming headsets

The best wireless gaming headset


Drivers: Dynamic, 50mm with neodymium magnets

Connectivity: 2.4GHz wireless dongle

Frequency response: 15–21,000Hz

Features: Bi directional detachable mic

Weight : 322–335g with mic

Battery Life: 300 hours

Reasons to buy


Battery life that can only be described as witchcraft


Excellent for listening to music


Precise, powerful audio is great for gaming


Very comfortable

Reasons to avoid

Microphone isn’t up to par with the rest of the headset

They aren’t the loudest headphones

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