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Wendy’s worker sparks debate saying laziest co-workers complain the most

A Wendy’s worker sparked a debate about work ethic, after claiming that her colleague, who does nothing, has been going on “rants” about having too much to do at work.

In a recent video shared to TikTok, Hailey, who goes by the username, @hileyy, could be seen in her Wendy’s uniform sharing her reaction to an unnamed colleague complaining about being “overworked”.

“Pov: [yo]u tell [yo]ur coworker who does jack s*** all shift to make you a small fry and he starts going on a rant about how we’re overworked,” the text over the video reads.

In the caption, she addressed how she usually responds to her coworker’s rants and wrote: “Gotta hit em w the ‘damnnnn that’s wild.’”

As of 9 August, the video has more than 214,500 views, with many TikTok users in the comments claiming that they’ve had coworkers with the same work attitude as Hailey’s peers.

“Bro… I had a coworker who did something similar but instead ranted about me just for asking them to help with cleaning,” one wrote.

“I used to do my manager’s job bc she literally would tell me ‘I don’t want to,’” another said.

A third person said: “One of my captains going on a rant on how we’re getting overworked & understaffed while I’m just trying to finish closing the dishes so I can go home.”

Multiple people also claimed that they haven’t been able to go on their breaks due to their coworkers’ behaviour.

“Meanwhile me waiting for someone to show up so I can finally go pee,” one wrote, while another said: “Yesterday I had to wait 8 hours to go on my lunch.”

One TikTok user also asked Hailey about her own work performance and wrote: “Why’re you trying to do more than him if you’re getting paid the same amount and he gets away w doing no work?”

In response, Hailey wrote: “I don’t like being yelled at by customers lmfao.”

The Independent has contacted Hailey for comment.

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