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What to watch on Friday: ‘A League of Their Own’ series comes to Amazon

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A League of Their Own (Amazon Prime) There’s still no crying in baseball as players in an All-American professional women’s baseball league have to navigate a rapidly changing country during World War II.

This Fool (Hulu) Julio Lopez, played by Chris Estrada, goes out of his way to help those around him but learns he needs to share some of that love with himself in this comedy series.

Alyssa Limperis: No Bad Days (Peacock) Alyssa Limperis gives a candid portrait of grief following the loss of her father in this shockingly playful comedy special.

Children of the Underground (FX at 8) Faye Yager is a vigilante on a mission to protect sexually abused children who are not given justice after her daughter’s tragedy; Yager’s network that hides mothers and children from allegedly abusive family members gets her in hot water with law enforcement; all five episodes will air consecutively.

She Is Not Your Daughter (Lifetime Movie Network at 8) A woman learns her teenage daughter is not biologically hers and the past begins to haunt her family.

Day Shift (Netflix) Who knew pool cleaning was so dangerous? A hard-working father, played by Jamie Foxx, uses his pool-cleaning business as a front to slay vampires and provide for his daughter; also starring Snoop Dogg and Dave Franco.

Five Days at Memorial (Apple TV Plus) This medical drama chronicles the effect of Hurricane Katrina on a New Orleans hospital.

Secret Headquarters (Paramount Plus) A kid and his friends must protect the secret headquarters of a powerful superhero hidden under his home when villains attack.

The Great American Recipe (PBS at 9) The final three cooks prepare special dinners for the judges to win “The Great American Recipe.”

Antiques Roadshow Recut (PBS at 10:30) A 1955 Humphrey Bogart-signed Yankee Stadium menu, a table lamp from Louis C. Tiffany Furnaces and a William McKinley presentation watch are evaluated.

Never Have I Ever (Netflix) Season 3.

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